SEO Translations - Texts for Search Engine Optimization

A successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital if you are looking to market your products and services internationally online.

A multilingual website is no longer enough. In actual fact, product descriptions need to be found by all the main search engines in the respective country (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu etc.) in all target languages.

The increase in users’ internet searches via mobile devices poses a new challenge for the mobile SEO field.


A professional SEO translation improves your website ranking!

Using the correct keywords is integral in deciding whether your company appears high up in search results. 
This presumes that you know which search terms your potential clients enter on the internet,   when looking for the desired products or services. 

Therefore, good keyword research in the foreign language is key to a successful international marketing campaign. Our experienced SEO translators are at home in the target country and know which terms are common and are used by the respective target audience. A flair  for linguistic nuances, being rooted in another culture  and working daily in the SEO field are essential. 
We help you to improve your website’s international range and ranking.

SEO translations

This is what a successful SEO translation takes!

It comes down to the right keywords

Our SEO translators research the most important keywords, which appear high up the search engine results page (SERP) lists. To do this, they use various approaches and techniques. Such research can only be undertaken  by native speakers from the target country, who have comprehensive knowledge of the SEO translation field.

Different country, different Google

A simple translation from the source language into the target language is not sufficient, as both the  search patterns or the preferred search engines differ from country to country, sometimes dramatically. For example, in Russia people don’t “google” here, Yandex is the leading search engine.

Even translations, that are technically correct, are not always adequate. What’s important is the search volume of the keywords, i.e. the number of searches for a specific term. 
Once the most important keywords have been found, they can be used in the translation. In this way, linguistic nuance and cultural features are  fully taken into account.

Translate web content for your target groups

The customer in the target country can only find the desired products, by using the correct keywords. These keywords are integrated into the target language text and incorporated into the entirety of the web content, so that the customer feels appropriately spoken to, clicks on the website and finds the products or services they are looking for.

Your AdWords campaigns are in safe hands with us
AdWords translation

Within the scope of successful SEO translations, AdWords and other PPC campaigns are often launched. As these promotional opportunities are often costly, it is crucial that the respective translation is faultless and encourages the potential customer to click on the products and services on offer. Translating these adverts poses particular challenges for the translator. For example, headings may not go over a certain number of characters, which also affects the URL. Only experienced SEO translators can achieve the balancing act of creating a readable and appealing translation, whilst ensuring the technical specifications are met. In such cases, investing into the right keywords is essential and an important prerequisite for a successful PPC campaign.

Metatag optimisation

MetaTag optimisation is also subject to strict character limits. The aim here is to optimise the page content . It is essential to describe the page precisely and to integrate the most important keywords efficiently.

Your partner fpr efficient SEO translations

  • Keyword research and translation: We research suitable keywords (search terms) and translate them according to the target group .for the respective market.
  • AdWords campaigns: We translate your advert texts and take into account the specifications and guidelines of the relevant search engines.
  • Product descriptions for e-commerce, online shops and online catalogues: We translate your product descriptions precisely and reliably, whilst taking into account the most important keywords

Naturally, we proofread your existing online texts and adjust these to the desired foreign language.

Moreover, we can cite your online texts from all common source formats (e.g. HTML, XML, Flash presentations, databases, ASP, PHP etc.)