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DTP (Desktop-Publishing)

From translation to print-ready document - from one source.

We don't see ourselves as simply a translation bureau. We offer you the complete package. For you, this means: You receive not only a perfect translation, but also the complete project implementation through to delivery of print-ready files in European, Baltic, Eastern European, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic or Asian font sets. We align precisely to your requirements.

Our team includes experienced DTP professionals (trained typesetters, media designers and graphic designers) who are competent in graphically converting your texts according to your wishes. They enable you to communicate with worldwide customers using your multilingual product catalogues, manuals, technical documentation or company brochures.  

Das längste englische Wort übersetzen

At 45 letters, pneumon­oultramicr­oscopicsil­icovolcan­oconiosis is the longest word ever included in an English dictionary. Initially intended as a hoax, it was nevertheless adopted by English physicians as the term for silicosis. Anyone who wants to typeset and prepare ready-for-print in a foreign language, must also perfectly master the language they want to edit. That is the reason why you should use us for your complete DTP services. Because we do it correctly in an international context. And, incidentally, in all framework programmes of your choice, regardless of the respective platform and environment.

DTP in all formats

We work with all major DTP and graphics programmes on the Windows PC and Mac platforms. Our range of services includes the simple export and import of your texts, new DTP typesetting plus print-ready DTP in the foreign language – including layout control and final proofreading. Depending on your needs, you will receive the printable data in a layout programme (InDesign or QuarkXPress) or as a print-ready PDF.

We are happy to advise you on any complex, foreign-language typesetting requirements your company may have pending. One of our DTP specialists is available to assist you at any time. We are able to master even the most complex DTP projects due to our many years of experience and our use of the latest technology.

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Proverb is your...

...dependable language partner. We specialise in technical, marketing, legal and pharmaceutical translations. We also offer DTP and foreign language typesetting, website localisation and terminology management services for our customers.
Combined with our conscientious and professional project management, you can rest assured that your projects will be in the best hands right from the time we receive your initial enquiry.

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