Our fields of expertise in translation

As a language service provider, we have been specialising in translation for more than 20 years, mainly in the fields of technology, marketing & advertising, law and pharmaceuticals.


We supply translations to renowned institutions and clients in the areas of industry, advertising and business.

Technology, science and business are in a constant state of change and development, which means that new terminology and work processes are constantly evolving. Stylistically sophisticated whilst grammatically correct translations can only be created with considerable language skills, extensive knowledge in different fields and the use of modern translation aids and tools.

Of course, we equally offer certification of your documents (e.g. contracts, articles of incorporation, deeds, apostilles, trade registry extracts, expert medical reports, workbooks, etc.) by a certified translator. They are legally authorised to audit and certify the completeness and correctness of translations.

A detailed list of our areas of expertise can be found here:

You will find some of our referees here.

Our translators

Strict selection criteria and regular evaluation processes for our translators guarantee that we will translate your requirements precisely and accurately in the target language. We work with qualified translators. They translate solely into their native language, constantly undergo further training and have extensive expertise in their respective fields. In their work, our experienced translators reliably take into account  any technical terms used within your company. Within this framework, we expand, maintain and manage your existing glossaries, or jointly develop one with you.

Our work complies with
DIN EN ISO 17100

Our translations are carried out by qualified translators and, if  requested, proofread by a second translator according to DIN EN ISO 17100 on the basis of the four eyes principle. Please have a look at our word prices.

Being aware of the translation’s target audience is a vital component of a successful translation. In certain cases, this may involve consultation with the customer on appropriate adjustments to target language texts, in order to take inter-cultural aspects into account.
We put  this into practice  when you place an order, with your close cooperation.

The use of translation memories

To achieve faster turnaround times and to ensure first-class translations, our translators use leading Translation Memory Systems (TMS) when creating text, such as SDL Trados, Across Language Server or memoQ. Our project managers continuously organise, evaluate and maintain your custom translation memory,  free of charge.

A translation memory system saves and recognises text passages, which have already been translated. The TMS is a database that stores and manages the translations undertaken so far, together with the corresponding source texts. For subsequent work, the system offers our expert translators those text passages that have already been translated, along with their translation. These can then be transferred directly,  if required. This leads to significant cost savings for you and ensures consistent, high quality results.

Our project management

Our experienced team always provides you with reliable and individual support. We dedicate a qualified project manager to each of your projects. They are responsible for ensuring dependable and effective execution of your projects until completion of your target language documentation.

This is where the Proverb workflow, developed over many years, comes into play:

Analysis of source texts (checking file formats and content)

Setting up project plan and schedule for optimum project flow

Selection of suitable translators and proofreaders with the best linguistic and subject-related qualifications

Forwarding customer-specific terminology and project-specific work instructions

Management of all information relevant to the project

Coordinating the activities of all staff working on the project (communication between client and translator)

Scrutiny and checks on end product (translation, completeness, layout, etc.) before delivery to the customer

Überprüfung und Kontrolle des Endprodukts (Textübersetzung, Vollständigkeit, Layout etc.) vor Auslieferung an den Kunden

All project data archived for at least 5 years

Your advantages at a glance:

–       Reduced translation costs, savings of up to 80%

–       Higher translation consistency through use of terminology databases

–       Cost transparency

–       Reduced turnaround time for your translation projects

You benefit from a coherent translation, faster turnaround times and lower costs.