Machine translation (MT)

The Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is all the rage. What is it all about? And how can you use it for your own benefit?

When handling a translation memory appropriately with a clear specification profile, the combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence), computer linguistics and data processing, all deliver translation results that were unimaginable a few years ago.

It is important that the purpose of an NMT project is clearly identified. For a particular project, does a “human” translator undertake the translation exceed your budget? Or does a large amount of text have to be translated quickly under extremely tight deadlines into one or more languages, which is needed for purely informative purposes and where the quality of the target texts does not play a major role

We offer you expert advice and analyse your NMT requirements!

Proverb offers you comprehensive advice on NMT. Within the scope of an individual analysis, we determine whether an NMT project is appropriate for you in terms of content and cost. We consider factors such as text volume, subject area, text type and language combination, as well as requirements in relation to quality, turnaround time and costs.

If translations or terminology already exist on the system, we check whether they can be included in the NMT workflow, in order to use synergies (better results in the target language).

In addition, if desired (and depending on the previous analysis), this data can be used to train and configure an individual NMT engine, which is tailored to your needs and delivers the best possible result within a specific translation workflow.

It is important to ensure an appropriate quality of assurance within NMT projects. We execute this through clearly defined NMT workflows, terminology management, optimization of source texts (pre-editing) and regular evaluation of the NMT output.

As we do not use any public or free services, we can assure you that your data and documents are in safe hands with us in regards to the current data protection laws.

The high-end alternative: PEMT (Machine Translation with Post-Editing)

The translation is first completed automatically in the workflow and then one of our professional translators (human translators) or post-editors proofreads the acquired target text. As a result, the output of top-quality translations is increased in a shorter turnaround time.

The post editor can choose between “light post editing” (corrections of spelling mistakes, inflections etc.) or “full post editing” (full revision of spelling, grammar, syntax, style and terminology usage). The latter option delivers a similar quality to that of a human translator.

If you are interested, we will be happy to advise and explain the various possibilities and the associated methods and procedures to you in detail.

Contact us! We will find the best solution for you and your demands.