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Website localisation

Every culture has its own behaviours and habits. 

If you want to be a successful global player, you have to know, understand and observe the social and linguistic peculiarities of the respective country. 

Proverb is the right partner for you, if you want to rapidly refresh your website and internationalise it so that you successfully reach your customers around the world.

We analyse the content of your company website and check whether this information meets the expectations of the target audience. This includes the choice of colours, fonts, currency and number formats, icons, date and address formats, amongst other things. In this case, the correct translation of the text is only one of several significant components. At the same time we ensure that all embedded objects, such as ActiveX controls, Flash applications, and Java applets are imported or adapted to suit the target group.

We are specialists in the localisation of your multilingual website with TYPO3.

Corporate websites often work on the basis of content management systems (CMS), such as for example TYPO3, Joomla!, etc.

Our localisation engineers specialise in the localisation of TYPO3-websites and use a TYPO3 extension developed just for this purpose. This enables us to export the content to be translated without losses. Content and layout are separated when exporting. After translation, the content is imported back into TYPO3, whereby new content items, content from extensions, etc. are automatically created and applied.

Over the years, along with our customers we have successfully implemented many TYPO3 projects in more than 20 languages.

The main benefits for you:

  • Formatting / tag information comes directly from TYPO3 and is imported for the target language
  • All relevant content is translated, not just content from the front-end view (metadata, keywords...)
  • Manual input of the translation is eliminated
  • No difficulty in mapping the text
  • Layout rarely needs to be adapted
  • No need for translators/editors to work in the back-end
  • Any repetitions can be considered in the ongoing project and for subsequent projects (when exporting, you can edit the texts with translation memory systems)
  • Significantly faster and more cost-effective implementation
  • Improved quality of the website, etc.

Website übersetzen lassen durch Website-Lokalisierung

Question: Why will a Frenchman never willingly eat the bottom and an Englishman never the top slice? 

Answer: Well in simple terms it is because different countries and cultures have very different values, behaviours and habits.

Übersetzungsbüro Stuttgart und Hamburg

Manual input of the content/translation is very time consuming and error-prone and in most cases requires subsequent formatting.

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is a high-performance content management system (CMS) that offers plenty of opportunities for expansion and is consequently being adopted by an increasing number of users. TYPO3 is ideal for managing multilingual content. Thanks to bespoke interfaces between TYPO3 and translation memory systems, we offer you a proven and fast translation process that saves you significant time and costs.


EXPORT Your website's content that is to be translated is exported in the form of an XML file, separating structure and content to protect hidden and masked content. These cannot be amended during localisation.

TRANSLATION/LOCALISATION To localise the content elements we use the latest translation memory systems with quality assurance tools, plus company-specific terminology databases.

IMPORT When importing the localised XML file, target language pages within the same tree structure are created automatically.

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Combined with our conscientious and professional project management, you can rest assured that your projects will be in the best hands right from the time we receive your initial enquiry.

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