Advertising: dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

When working in the fields of marketing, advertising and PR, you need a particular flair  for nuances, linguistic subtleties and a wide knowledge of cultural backgrounds. Our experienced translators in the field of   marketing and advertising  possess these required  skills. Not only in the source language, but particularly in the target language.. They convey the “message” of the source language into the target language with accuracy and precision, at the same time ensuring that the reader feels they have an original document in front of them, rather than a translation. This is the basis for a successful marketing approach. 

When necessary, our language experts take the time to ponder, research and tweak an expression, a term or a phrase until it comes across exactly as it should! This is how they acquire the famous dotting of the i’s and crossing of the t’s.

A selection of our advertising references:


The translation assignments we have completed include:

Event and trade fair documents
Internet launches
Marketing texts
Employee magazines
Press releases
Press reviews
Product catalogues
Editorial articles
Training material
Tourism campaigns
Sales documentation
Voice over of films/videos
Websites & portals
Advertising copy

Adaptations rather than word for word translations

We have successfully collaborated with our customers in the marketing & advertising sector and have created excellent advertising copy for them into other languages for more than two decades now. Word for word translations are not expedient here. Rather, our translations consider your customer profile and the message you want to convey. We will supply you with accurate translations and convincing adaptations of your slogans, texts and other documentation. Our translator’s creative use of language successfully adapts the material to suit your target market and the desired target group.

Foreign-language typesetting:
engage us for your typesetting. And rely on us.

Alongside a professional translation, perfect layout is a major element in the successful internationalisation of your products.

Our team of experts in foreign language typesetting and DTP provides you with European, Asian and Oriental fonts for all traditional layout programmes. We handle a wide variety of different file formats on both Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms.

We supply you with print-ready files, on request.
Further information on our DTP Services can be found here.

Our DTP specialists would be pleased to advise you on complex foreign language typesetting assignments, preferably in person. Why not benefit from our many years of experience and our latest technical equipment?