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Terminology management

The increasing speed at which technological advances are occurring also extends the requirement for new company-specific designations for international use. We therefore see it as one of our tasks as a translation agency, to assist our customers to develop a company-specific terminology, which is defined and recognised across all the departments in their business and applied consistently.

Your advantages

Consistent terminology is not only a constituent part of a professional translation, but also...

  1. Reduces translation costs through consistent use of terms
  2. Saves time, e.g. through faster product introduction
  3. Reduces editing and correction work
  4. Improves the consistency of documentation and software
  5. Increases reuse of previously translated segments
  6. Simplifies internal professional communications
  7. Improves communication with the customer
  8. Serves as quality assurance
  9. Promotes sales and secures market share

We have years of experience in terminology management.
This is the basis of clear interdisciplinary communication.
We will gladly advise you and work with you to find the best possible solution. Just get in touch!

Terminologie-Management im Übersetzungsbüro

Question: Why do you call the contents of this container petrol and not gas, fuel, propellant or oil?

Answer: Quite simple, because you have clearly established the appropriate names for your products and services and also want to have these accurately translated internationally.

Your terminology database

Within a short space of time, we create a company-specific dictionary or glossary for your products and services, which contains the base terminology in English and/or in several of your company's languages. We then manage and continually update this for you.

Our customer-specific terminology databases contain all essential terms in each language and set clear rules for their use. They form the basis for ensuring that all internal and external staff have access to these terms across all departments. This means that a consistent "corporate language" is established and applied. Our terminology management produces clear, consistent communication, ensures uniform knowledge management and creates legal certainty.

To accompany the knowledge management in your business as efficiently as possible, we use market-leading translation memory systems, such as SDL TradosmemoQ Across or Transit.

You benefit from significant process optimisation in translation projects, in particular with technical documentation. You can also realise a uniform international presence much faster and more cost-effectively. 

Your terminology database

Extraction involves taking the source texts and the corresponding translations as a basis. Alternatively, we also offer monolingual term extraction, which is stored for the translation process. This means that we extract potential terms from your source texts and use our professional translators and terminologists to translate these into the target language. The term list created is then used for subsequent translation of your documentation.

The following types of translation project are particularly suitable for the use of terminology services:

  • Technical manuals
  • Technical documentation
  • Product catalogues
  • User instructions
  • Websites
  • Contracts

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Proverb is your...

...dependable language partner. We specialise in technical, marketing, legal and pharmaceutical translations. We also offer DTP and foreign language typesetting, website localisation and terminology management services for our customers.
Combined with our conscientious and professional project management, you can rest assured that your projects will be in the best hands right from the time we receive your initial enquiry.

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