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Other services - More than just a translation service

Software localisation

Proverb will help you establish your software successfully on the global market. Our goal is to create a user interface that works just as well as it would, had it been developed specifically for the target market. For this localisation, we first adapt the software to the local conditions (such as dates, paper sizes, or keyboard layouts) and ensure linguistic and technical functionality. Only then do our expert translators start with translation of documentation such as online help, manuals or user instructions.

As a fully equipped technical translation agency, we use the latest tools to adapt menus, function buttons and user interface dialogues to the target country, along with the online help files and printed documentation. Text lengths can sometimes vary significantly from language to language. In these cases, we adjust the buttons and all other dialogue boxes in the translation correspondingly ("resizing"). A user interface that has been localised in this manner is then used as the basis for any other related documentation.


For successful localisation we take account of:

  • Sections of text in script files (such as Java or ASP scripts)
  • Adaptation of FAQ and help files
  • Creating hyperlinks in the target language (corresponding to the source language)
  • Display of fonts and special characters in the target language
  • Editing and creation of texts embedded in buttons and graphics
  • Layout and font display in all traditional browsers


Texterfassung / Transkription

Lassen Sie uns dazu einfach Ihre Aufzeichnungen zukommen (Datei, CD, Video, Datei etc.).
Wir übernehmen nicht nur die Transkription, sondern bei Bedarf auch die anschließende Übersetzung in die gewünschte Sprache - unter Berücksichtigung der Projektvorgaben. Schnell, präzise und zuverlässig.


Do you ever have the need for qualified simultaneous and conference interpreters for talks, negotiations, meetings, plant tours and city tours, training courses, seminars, symposia, congresses or other events?

Then you are in good hands at Proverb: We only employ professional interpreters who are committed and prepare carefully for each assignment. Our offer includes a comprehensive needs analysis. We also advise you individually on the event, the interpreting techniques (simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting) and on the strength of the team.

On request, we can also provide the complete conference and interpreting equipment and give recommendations on general organisational matters, the programme and any intercultural issues.

Language training

Comprehensive language skills are more important than ever for international success. We collaborate with an international language institute and offer effective foreign language training specifically for businesses. For maximum learning success, each course is individually drawn up and tailored to your company's specific linguistic and professional requirements.

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Proverb is your...

...dependable language partner. We specialise in technical, marketing, legal and pharmaceutical translations. We also offer DTP and foreign language typesetting, website localisation and terminology management services for our customers.
Combined with our conscientious and professional project management, you can rest assured that your projects will be in the best hands right from the time we receive your initial enquiry.

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