Advantages of professional terminology management

The digital age brings with it enormous acceleration and constant change. Company-specific terms change with technological progress, which means that you have to pay specific attention to current requirements when translating and incorporate them. As a translation agency, we offer you a professional translation memory system that allows you to have your terminology management generated professionally and without compromise.

The translation memory system reduces the costs of specialist translations and translation services, which you can use for manuals or instructions for use, for documents and files or medical reports, for example. The consistent use of terms is to your advantage and reduces expenses incurred in the course of proofreading and editing. For urgent translations, we also offer terminology management as a fixed service in the translation agency, in addition to implementation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100, if you wish.

Consistency of terminology important for professional translations


Sales promotion and securing market share, quality assurance and internal technical communication are increased by our efficient translation memory system. Segments that have already been translated can be reused and reused in our translation agency, saving you a lot of money and time. Long waiting times for your professional translation are eliminated, as the currently valid and important terms do not have to be translated and compiled anew with each order. Uniformity in term management is a practical, tactical and cost-saving solution for entrepreneurs who use our professional translation agency services and opt for a high-quality and legally compliant translation of their technical texts or other articles.

In the case of documents and legal files, manuals and hazard warnings, instructions for use or accompanying letters, for example, the terminology is uniform and can be taken from the memory database accordingly.

We have many years of experience and know-how in the management of terms, have developed our very own translation memory system and offer you a service in the translation agency that will keep you well advised and on the safe side.

These translation projects are very well suited for the use of terminology management:

  • User instructions
  • Websites
  • Contracts
  • Technical manuals
  • Technical documentation
  • Product catalogues

Short turnaround times for a professional translation result

All the terms we use for specialist translations are stored in the translation memory system and created as a glossary. Our native speakers thus save a great deal of time when translating on your behalf and using the terminology in the glossary. The database is a lexicon in its own right, from which you benefit in our translation agency and which ensures both time and price advantages for you.

Do you attach great importance to professionalism, legal correctness of your translations and technical aspects that are comprehensible and plausible without compromise? Then request your personal quote from our translation agency and opt for a professional translation memory system with Proverb. Using state-of-the-art tools, the terminology is extracted and perfectly adapted to your needs and your personal assignment.

Our offer is the process optimisation of your requested translation service, which you can order cost-effectively and without long waiting times. Put your trust in the professionals for specialist translations with Proverb and opt for the best performance and legal certainty with the translation memory system.

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